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Superhuman calls this feature “Read Receipts” and turns it on by default for its customers, without the consent of its recipients. You’ve heard the term “Read Receipts” before, so you have most likely been conditioned to believe it’s a simple “Read/Unread” status that people can opt out of. With Superhuman, it is not


Superhuman, has decided to embed hidden tracking pixels inside of the emails its customers send out.

We have tossed around the woes of HTML in documents that don’t need full HTML; and why HTML email is such a bad idea a few times in Talkgroup.

I remain convinced we need a non HTML markup for simple documents like email that could benefit from lightweight formatting but dont need image embedding or external resource loading. So we can depreciate HTML email as a security issue.


I am extremely disappointed to report that I shared this at work and it has caused no drama (yet).


I work in information security, and I scrub all my email through multiple systems, and then read a text representation of it, and then move it into a CRM under my control before I reply. So there’s a shining endorsement for continuing to use email…

Also, exactly why Clover doesn’t get email. And then, also scrubbed, but that ain’t the world I’d want to live in.

Okay, here’s the whole idea, my guilty thought that I hate having: email (as we know it) belongs to capitalism. Unless we replace with some amazing RFCs, I don’t think it will be salvageable. It’s all that spam. We lost, and email basically belongs to a few companies’ “good” graces.

I say that to amplify your sentiment: we need to go so much further than fixing document formatting. :grimacing:

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My guilty/dark thought: the internet as we know it belongs to capitalism; and may not be salvageable.

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Some folks are trying to, um, route around that:

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