talkgroup skillshare/bootcamp?

I haven’t done any research yet, but I’ve noticed the mutual aid activities popping up, and then in the last couple of days this concept of “internal bootcamps” has spewed from the tech drivel pipes, so it got me thinking we have a really nice platform and a lot of techies, maybe we could do something radical and open and helpful to each other.

What’re folks up to? Anyone wanting/needing to learn something, or leverage talkgroup in a different way? Let me know! Preferably as a reply. :slight_smile:

I learned about SEO and Webcraft from you. So I say with great certainty that our model is proven to work. lol.

I want some mentorship on running a Discourse community for participants of AMC2020. The AMC2020 slack is going to be shut down on Aug 1 and we are encouraged to and scrambling to self-organize self-hosted alternatives. I say mentorship because I’ve actually spun up my own Discourse instance for my old WoW Classic guild and kept it up for two months, so I’m good to go on the technical aspect (well, sort of. I chose the minimum I could on Digital Ocean, then), but I’d like to be able to bounce ideas off yall about other things that are required to help start a self-governing community on Discourse.

Feeding myself. I really want to learn to feed myself. Several of you have helped me already. But maybe we can have like a tiny baking module where like once a week, we are assigned one thing to bake, with a recipe, and we all post pictures of our progress.

Lego. I really want to play with lego robotics, especially. I’d like to invite Clover and anyone else who might be interested.

Gardening. I desperately want to make some raised vegetable beds, but I keep killing all my plants. I would love to be on the receiving end of gardening skillshare stuff.

We should self-curate some kind of game development “bootcamp” for ourselves to go through, where we are teachers and learners both. We can come up with challenges for each other. We can play each others’ games.

Art. I want to learn to do art or something. Especially hand lettering with brush pens, and watercolor.

What I really need though is some kind of “how to be alive” bootcamp. Sleep hygiene, setting habits for required health things (different people will have different habits they need to cultivate; mine include taking meds and putting my cpap machine on at night), eating regularly, however much exercise one can take, cleaning, decluttering, making appointments, practicing being on time and being reliable, practice saying no to things, practice texting people when I’m going to be late. Some real basic shit lol. But yeah I need some kind of “stay alive and be able to keep up a modicum of interaction with other humans with some kind of reliability that is greater than zero” bootcamp. Probably not exactly what you had in mind but it’s what’s bouncing about in my brain right now lol.

Writing poetry, like Write a duplex

Reading Marx

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