Tasks into habits

I used to have all these tasks tagged with +next, to start my day:

  • Drink water
  • Caffeine!
  • Eat breakfast
  • Inbox zero

I did it long enough it became annoying to complete those each day. I’ve condensed it to Waking routine, and is my daily reminder to complete all those habits I have.

Water and caffeine is easy. Breaking fast is more difficult, my body doesn’t always give accurate feedback. So really I just focus on drinking enough water to get hungry.

I don’t exactly inbox zero any longer. I mean, I empty buckets, but “inbox” isn’t really a concept I deal with anymore. The majority of email I receive is automated, and thus I automate it away. At this point I communicate with people in online forums or dedicated support channels. I have other tasks that point to those buckets, for their emptying. :slight_smile:

You’ve mentioned this to me before, and I have been thinking of it and trying to drink more water. I am not very good at paying attention or realizing if I’m hungry, but at least water is good no matter what. I haven’t personally noticed appetite/hunger regulation (as in "it is good to feel hungry now because i am supposed to) from drinking water yet, but maybe soon.

I drink a pint of water when I wake up. I really make my body drink it up. Then my body is like, whoa, I should probably get some food…

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