The very fun day of public domain

Having a blast at the Internet Archive! I’ll collect my notes here, and expand on each as I feel, in absolute whimsical fashion!

So much to do! Getting lunch and then sitting in pews with mini-terracotta people.

A volunteer let me know that the statues are created of Archive employees that have worked there 3 years, to create a terracotta army of volunteers to really freak out future astrohistorians that come poking around for pre-galactica networking groups. I’m paraphrasing.

I don’t really do selfies, but I also noticed no one else doing selfies with the statues, which just seemed wrong, so I led the pack. I chose that one because they are holding a baby. Only later did I realize it is the chosen one, held aloft by the glove of power!

Gawd, what a strange server room.

In SF it is a time-honored tradition to reside in buildings that resemble your logo. They had a band playing music, which I suppose could be described as… old-timey? “Swingy”? Like, electroswing, but slowed down? :musical_note:


#publicdomainday is a thing!

Includes a link to a spreadsheet of public domain works based on copyright records: (192.1KB)

Check out this error message:


Booyah! Public Domain!

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70% of American silent films are believed to be completely lost.

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Oh snap, Lessig just said, “Janus-faced”!

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FMA has 500 tracks of PD music.

Wikipedia has links to books in references, opens to the exact page, and allows digital borrowing afterward.

Okay, making my way home. Had fun, so much to process, fuck copyright, let’s produce stuff, go public domain!

Here is a pretty building in downtown SF, near Civic Center/UN Plaza:

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There was this amazing table of goodies made from recipes from the 1920s! They had the best whoopie pies I’ve ever had. And I got to talk to folks that work there and were helping with the event, it was a really fun morning; next year Clover can definitely visit in the morning, before the boring church sermon begins. :slight_smile:

There were Reese’s peanut butter cups all over because they were created in 1923. So now you all know when they figured out peanut butter and chocolate paired well.