Tim made a thing with Nieu 80

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It highly trendy to use popular palettes, but why not? Let’s be trendy with the hottest nieu palette around!


Things could be a theme for:

  • WordPress
  • Discourse
  • Hugo
  • vim
  • gedit
  • literally whatever :slight_smile:

oh dang. it would look so good as a text editor syntax highlighting theme.

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I ended up making a design with this pallette and then ordered a shirt with it on there!

check it!

I love the name because it’s kind of pretentious and funny, but also just a tiny bit cool.

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This makes me so happy! :smiley:

I did it through spreadshirt. If it looks cool I’ll totally open up a Nieu 80 brand store online lol.

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And whenever we talk about it in person with people who are not us, we do that comedy bit where they’re always pronouncing it wrong.

“Nieoo 80?”

“No, it’s ‘New 80’”.

“New 80?”

“no, it’s ‘New 80’”

“That’s what I said. ‘New 80.’”

“No, it’s ‘New 80’”

For basically as long as you can get away with it.

Let me know, I could run a store for you, and color match the product pages to their palettes! :sunglasses:

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Quest completed.

I need to raise the image somewhat on the shirt, and my print was a little crooked and I need to fix that with printer.

But overall I love it!

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@tim, have you seen it on a dark background?

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Dang it, it is just consistently so good!!!

I have some designs I want to try out with this color palette.