What is a series page?

Continuing the discussion from Discover Assassin's Creed series:

Just like What is a game page? and related, what information should be included for a series? For my purposes I’d almost always just use it as a taxonomy term to group related artifacts, primarily by their commercial relation.

I think of series as being distinct from settings and paracosms, each of which are separate from each other as well.

AS as a series contains games, movies, I presume comics and books and “collectibles”. The AS series contains many settings, one or two per game (if one counts the metaplot and tech settings). A setting describes a concrete place or character or idea (Ancient Greece, “home base”, a dream). A paracosm is a narrative container, but is like a soap bubble in a bucket, one can’t easily tell where one begins or another ends or a third comes crashing through.

Red Dwarf and Blade Runner are the same paracosm.

So, is a setting even worth tracking? Does this level of container have useful metadata to show?

Gut reaction: Possibly useful in the abstract, but I suspect finding a common set of metadata which would be meaningful would be difficult. Example: Star Trek / Discworld / Assasins Creed are all cross multimedia franchises which I would imagine are all equally deserving of series pages. However I don’t know I would slice and dice their metadata the same way at all.

Multimedia franchises are weird and diverse behemoths. It’s almost like one would need a new more fine grained vocabulary to group them into smaller chunks with commonalities.

That being said, I think their useful purely in terms of containers. It would be good when looking at a “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” container / series page, to see all the books, radio dramas, and the iterations of the videogame.

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It’s possible that other containers emerge where needed, and collecting too many generalized collections in “series” isn’t as useful. I mean, imagine the name clashes alone: I want to series all over the place! :slight_smile:

For series quests I’ll be content to merely generate new quests that represent it.