Without phone

I’ve updated my contact page and the stuff in the sidebar. I will be turning off the StatusNet instance on denotes soon, but I’ve also removed my phone number. Not just from the site, but from private distribution as well.

I have a thousand minutes/texts on a SIM in a device capable of connecting to a mobile cellular network.

If Susan needs to meet me somewhere, and doesn’t have access to a network/device combo that allows jabber, then she can text me. If Susan has an emergency with Clover, she can grab any phone and call 911.

Those are the only two use cases I am concerned about. It gives me time to think or read during commutes, and the rest of this time I am connected to the internet, which is a global interconnected networks of nodes that terminate in odd places, like not on BART (unless one wants to use a web interface from 1994 on a mobile device). If I could easily connect to the internet on BART, I would run a jabber client on my mobile device, but as it is I will always have a preferred device for chatting at the places I do such things.

No one will care. Well, Kevin will, but if e gets a data plan, problem solved. My clients will be okay, because the first time they ask me to call them I politely decline, and no one has ever been concerned (which fascinates me, kinda, because I have plenty of clients that I’ve no idea of how they sound).

I do have a SIP address (1625@sip.sdf.org), but that is mostly because I like the idea of “calling” Susan on her phone from Pidgin. I’ve haven’t quite figured all the ins and outs of “voip”, and it is something I am very interested in, but not to actually use. I don’t like talking on phones, so when I do it had better be inexpensive.

Now we will see how long my 1,000 minutes will last. :slight_smile: